Dr. Maria Galen

Dr. Maria Galen is one of the founding members of the citizens' initiative. She was fascinated by the Sketch of a Fountain and thinks that it would be an important addition to the public space and the sculpture collection in Münster.  


Sandra Silbernagel

Sandra is the head of our initiative. She gathered friends and artlovers and helps us to spread the word about the project. She herself is an artist and loves Nicole Eisenman's project because of the transient character and the special atmosphere it created. 



Manfred Peterman

Manfred Peterman loved the Skulpur Projekte and specially the Sketch for a Fountain. He calls it a "magic" place, where citizens of every age met and discussed.



Markus Lewe

Markus Lewe is the mayor of the city of Münster. He said: "The sculpture by Nicole Eisenman was of great fascination to me. It would be wonderful to have this artwork installed permanently. It would become an important place and a symbol for the city of Münster."